Sunday, August 15, 2010


When I saw a review on the back cover of Falling by Christopher Pike comparing this book to Hannibal Lecter I was a little afraid. I don't handle scary stuff very well and I remember trying to watch Silence of the Lambs years ago and freaking out. Surprisingly, I really liked this book. It was very graphic (murder, torture, sex scenes, language), just warning some of you. Actually, chapters 20 and 24 made me feel a bit ill. The ending wasn't what I expected or hoped for but other than that I really liked this book. Here is the summary from the back cover:

In Falling, Christopher Pike explores the depths of human emotion through two brilliantly etched characters: Kelly Fienman, who pays a terrible price to understand the nature of true evil, and Matt Connor, a classic antihero who captures the reader's sympathy. The reader is drawn deeply into the hearts and minds of these two people, who face their deepest fears - and ours.

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  1. I LOVE scary books, so am definitely adding to my wish list! Fantastic review!


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