Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Silver Borne

I have been looking forward to reading Silver Borne (book 5 in the Mercy Thompson series) by Patricia Briggs ever since I finished Bone Crossed (book 4). But sadly I am very broke. I was just going to wait for someone I know to buy it so I could borrow it. I know that sounds bad. BUT... my pathetically understocked library surprised me by buying a copy first!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! So I just finished it and I loved it (just like the other 4).

Sorry if this spoils anything for anyone who hasn't read them yet. I have been very worried about Samuel through the other books but finally I don't have to worry anymore! That's all I'll say about that. I don't want to give too much away. Mercy had a few oddly mushy lines in this one. I get that she's in love and whatnot but the gooey mushy lines aren't really very Mercy-like. Other than that, the book was great!

I already returned this book to the library so I had to find a summary from a library website instead of the book cover like I usually do.

When mechanic and shapeshifter Mercy Thompson attempts to return a powerful Fae book she'd previously borrowed in an act of desperation, she finds the bookstore locked up and closed down. It seems the book contains secret knowledge-and the Fae will do just about anything to keep it out of the wrong hands. And if that doesn't take enough of Mercy's attention, her friend Samuel is struggling with his wolf side-leaving Mercy to cover for him, lest his own father declare Sam's life forfeit. All in all, Mercy has had better days. And if she isn't careful, she might not have many more to live...

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